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Toxic alcohol kills dozens in northern India

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 10:10pm
One woman lost five members of her family, including her husband, after the illegal alcohol was served at a mourning event.

Australian floods send dirty water across Great Barrier Reef

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 9:56pm
Muddy waters from floods in northern Australia blanket parts of the World Heritage site.

Gravitational waves: Black hole detector to get upgrade

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 7:47pm
The UK and US governments have announced a £25m upgrade to the machines that detected gravitational waves.

How 'Parkland tourism' led to this floral memorial

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 7:43pm
A teacher and a pupil at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gave people a focal point for their grief and curiosity.

Brain function of night owls and larks differ, study suggests

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 7:37pm
Late risers have poorer attention, slower reactions and increased sleepiness, a study suggests.

What are the biggest threats to humanity?

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 7:19pm
Why asteroids and volcanoes aren't the greatest problems facing life on Earth.

Africa's week in pictures: 8-14 February 2019

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 7:16pm
A selection of photographs from around the African continent this week.

Quiz of the Week: Who declined to sing at the Grammys?

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 7:13pm
It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world during the past seven days?

Sexual harassment: 'I was terrified to report it'

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 7:00pm
In the wake of the #MeToo movement, apps are helping victims gather and share evidence.

Trump in good health despite weight in obese range - doctor

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 6:55pm
The president is a few pounds heavier and taking a higher dose of cholesterol medicine, his doctor says.

Jody Wilson-Raybould: Three ways this could be a problem for Trudeau

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 6:34pm
Allegations of political interference have turned into a major headache for the Canadian PM.

S American nations bid for 2030 World Cup

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 5:29pm
Chile will join Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay in making a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

Real-life trolling: When a 'roast' becomes harassment

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 5:24pm
People are trying to recreate comedy roasts online and getting it horribly wrong. What are the rules?

Trump to sign border security bill and declare emergency over wall

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 4:56pm
Mr Trump will declare national emergency to fund his major campaign promise of a US-Mexico border wall.

Seven-year-old ‘Blaze’ may be the fastest in the world

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 4:52pm
Rudolph ‘Blaze’ Ingram has his sights set on smashing Usain Bolt’s 100m world record.

Five things about Nigeria: The superpower with no power

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 4:44pm
What do you know about Africa's most-populous nation and largest economy?

Trump installs $50,000 golf simulator in the White House

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 4:33pm
Unable to play as often as he'd like, the president has installed a simulator in his private quarters.

Slovenia MP quits after stealing sandwich

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 4:03pm
The lawmaker was annoyed at being ignored by staff but later returned to the supermarket to pay.

Canada teacher guilty of voyeurism for filming students' cleavage

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 3:02pm
Canada's top court reversed the acquittal of a teacher who took pictures of his students' cleavage.

Pompeii: Narcissus fresco uncovered by archaeologists

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 2:40pm
Archaeologists reveal, on Valentine's Day, a painting of the man who fell in love with himself.


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