Council, citizens weigh in on new short-term rental ordiance

  • Clayton, Ga.
    Clayton, Ga.

CLAYTON— The subject of short-term rentals in the city of Clayton sparked lively discussion between members of the public both for and against a potential new ordinance at a Clayton City Council public hearing on Tuesday.

The ordinance regulates where short-term rentals are allowed in zoning districts and outlines specific requirements for owners of the properties, which includes paying taxes.

The hearing was the second of three required hearings before a new ordinance is adopted.

The ordinance defines “short-term rental” as a period of 30 days or less.

Scott Dills, zoning administrator for the city of Clayton, was not present at the public hearing.

The beginning of the hearing gave the floor to those in favor of the ordinance, but many community members wanted the exact purpose of the ordinance to be made more clear.

Monica Blalock was the first community member to express her opinion about the ordinance and questioned its exact purpose.

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