Clayton ponders short-term rental ordinance

  • Clayton, Ga.
    Clayton, Ga.

CLAYTON—Regulation of short-term rentals, such as the popular Airbnb and Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) services, within the city limits was the topic of much of a work session by the city council Tuesday evening.

The city is developing an ordinance that would provide some local oversight of the growing industry, said city zoning administrator Scott Dills.

“The new ordinance we have drafted will not prevent Airbnbs in any zone whatsoever,” Dills said. “There are a large amount of requirements … they have to be permitted, they have to register with the city clerk to pay taxes, there will safety requirements and limits to the number of vehicles allowed based on the size of the area.”

Mayor Jordan Green said the city has a long way to go before it votes on a final short-term rental ordinance, but the council wants input from anyone with concerns about the issue.

“We will have a draft available at city hall tomorrow,” Green said. “We will go through a public process. Let us know your concerns so we can craft this legislation the way it needs to go.”

Dills said short-term rentals would not be allowed in areas where neighborhood covenants prohibit them.

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