Dana Taylor, 30-year employee of Rabun County EMS, remembered for kindness, laughter

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Dana Taylor spent her entire life in Rabun County and worked for Rabun County Emergency Medical Services as an office manager for 30 years. 

She died at age 55 on December 29, 2020 at Mountain Lakes Medical Center. 

“Dana Taylor passed away due to complications from COVID-19,” according to her son Tanner Veal. 

She was born May 10, 1965 in Rabun County to Samuel Taylor and Sarah Brenda Cathy. 

Taylor is remembered by her friends and coworkers for her infectious laugh and kindheartedness. As someone who was always helping others in need. 

“She was a fun-loving person and very loving and caring toward all her friends and family,” Andy Beck said about his friend. He said they spent a lot of time together. 

“There were so many good things about her.” 

Beck described her as a “really good person” who was “always laughing and having fun.” 

He recounted times when the two of them would hang out and go places with a group of friends. Every year they would rent a pontoon boat on the Fourth of July and have a good time being with friends. 

“There was never a dull moment,” Beck said. “She’ll truly be missed. She’s irreplaceable.” 

Friend and colleague Ryan Bramblett said he remembers sharing a lot of fun times on the lake each Fourth of July. 

Bramblett said that he and Taylor often went on trips to Gatlinburg, Tenn. together. 

“The funniest thing is, it always seemed liked we were waiting on her. She would always say ‘let me put my face on.’ I would always give her a hard time about it,” Bramblett said. 

He said that she was always willing to give and help others in need. 

“Dana was a friend like no other. She was a truly good person who will be missed forever,” Bramblett said. 

Brian Dickerson said that Taylor had a way of making people feel better when they needed it most. 

“Dana had a way of cheering someone up when they were having a horrible day,” Dickerson said. “I could tell her something and by the end of the conversation she would make me feel better and even laugh. She had a gift of making people happy despite their difficulties. She will be missed.”

Cindy Turpin remembers the memories she shared with her friend Taylor on camping trips, cruises and watching sunsets. 

The two became inseparable after meeting five years ago, Turpin explained. 

She remembers that Taylor’s favorite holiday was Halloween because she loved going all out and decorating for it. She also loved Christmas. 

“She just had a great, great laugh,” Turpin said. “She’d give you the shirt off her back. She’d do anything for anyone.” 

Michelle Matheson recounted how Taylor was a “true loyal friend” with an infectious laugh. 

“She was always there for me and we have had some of the best times together. She was a true angel.” 

Dalton Blalock said he knew Taylor very well and was shocked to hear when she passed away. 

“She was one of the nicest people you’d ever meet. She was always there to help all of us in every public safety department, both with work and as a friend.” 

Many of Taylor’s friends said that they felt like she was part of the family. 

“Dana was there the first day I ever worked at EMS,” said Rabun EMS Captain Trampes Stancil. “She rapidly became like a sister to me and it stayed that way. She will be sorely missed.” 

Kara Justus Blalock said that she not only worked with Taylor for over 20 years at the county, but the two were good friends and close like a family. 

“She was one of a kind for sure,” Kara Justus Blalock said. “She was sweet, funny and sometimes stubborn. We both loved summer and enjoyed spending time on Lake Burton, especially the 4th of July weekend, and enjoying the pool at her house. We had fun vacations and countless celebrations that I will always cherish. She was a great friend and will be missed.”