Clayton addresses Coronavirus concerns before Tuesday's council meeting

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Clayton, Ga.

Press Release for the City of Clayton from Rhonda Lunsford, city clerk:

Subject: Health and Wellness concerns of the Coronavirus for Tuesday's City Council meeting

  Currently, the City Council is planning on holding their council meeting on Tuesday March 17, 2020 at 4:00 pm. Please be advised due to the coronavirus concerns, Mayor Jordan Green is requesting anyone with health concerns to watch the meeting via social media.  

This meeting will be livestreamed on Facebook. Just search for Cissy Henry’s or City of Clayton Ga. Facebook page. This will hopefully keep everyone safe and well.  

City Manager, Cissy Henry, has requested that everyone limit your visitation to City Hall. Should you have a water/sewer issue call City Hall at 706-782-4512 also should you have a health emergency call 911.