Health officials amend report, Rabun County now showing no COVID-19 deaths

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The Georgia Department of Public Health updated their COVID-19 for District 2 Thursday, and Rabun County is again showing no deaths related to COVID-19.

The site reported Rabun’s first COVID-19 death on Tuesday, but by Wednesday, the listing was changed to reflect zero deaths.

“When cases are changed on the website, it typically means that the person(s) was assigned to the wrong county and was then corrected,” said Dave Palmer, Public Information Officer for District 2. “Usually, this occurs when the person seeks care in one county, but they reside in another county or that missing information has been supplied during follow-up with that patient or their family.”

As of noon Thursday, the GDPH site was reporting a total of 12 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Rabun County. There have been no deaths locally attributed to COVID-19, but there have been five hospitalizations, according to the website.

The Clayton Tribune will continue to follow developments and file reports as events warrant.