Habersham County farm brings home the beef


By Eric Pereira 

  • Kyle and Caroline Lewallen are the owners of teXga Farms in Clarkesville.
    Kyle and Caroline Lewallen are the owners of teXga Farms in Clarkesville.

   Habersham Countians now have the option to get the freshest cuts of beef directly to their fridge thanks to Caroline and Kyle Lewallen’s teXga Farms.  

   Each of them bring their own expertise – while Caroline knows marketing, Kyle knows about the cuts customers want. 

   Before teXga, Caroline was the marketing coordinator at Jaemor Farms and Kyle used to own a BBQ food truck in Texas. Thus comes the name teXga.  

   Caroline said she and Kyle had always discussed embarking on their own agricultural adventure. In the summer of 2017, they decided to bring this dream to life when purchasing their Clarkesville farm. 

   “Ultimately we want to grow into having animals there all year round,” Caroline said of their 45 acres of pasture. She is also the daughter of Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black. 

   The Lewallen’s work with local cattlemen to bring in calfs right after they’ve been weaned. They are raised until they’re about 1,200 pounds and then sent for processing. 

   With years of experience in food service, Kyle is familiar with all cuts and practices to get the most of the meats. “It makes conversations with consumers easier when you can talk about preparation. And what the best practices are for barbecue,” he said. 

   “We place a high priority on creating the best possible ground beef blend,” he said which consists of brisket, short rib, sirloin and chuck. And if that isn’t enough, customers even have the option to purchase the entire cow.      

   Although they were originally planning to purchase land in Hall County, visiting the Concord’s satellite church in Demorest showed them the opportunities in Habersham County. 

   “When you wait for the Lord to open a door, good things can happen,” she said. 

   Currently if you contact Texgafarms through their website, you can schedule a time to meet and pick up. You can visit texgafarms.com to learn more about what is offered and place your order. 

   “The response has been warm. We’re grateful for the restaurants that have allowed for us to serve them,” Kyle said. 

   Interested folks can also find their beef sold at Harvest Habersham and 2 Dog Restaurant in Gainesville.