Frick now serving as manager of Rabun County library

  • Caroline Frick is the new Library Manager or "Chief Nerd" at the Rabun County Library as of Thursday, Nov. 14.
    Caroline Frick is the new Library Manager or "Chief Nerd" at the Rabun County Library as of Thursday, Nov. 14.

CLAYTON— Caroline Frick still remembers the first time she walked up to the counter at her local public library as a child and checked out her library books for the very first time.

“I remember walking up those steps and feeling very important and excited and I want to help other people feel that way,” Frick said.

Those steps would eventually lead her to her role today as Library Manager for the Rabun County Library.

She’s often referred to as “Chief Nerd” by her colleagues. 

“It’s really an honor,” Frick said about being chosen for the position.

Frick began the position on Thursday, Nov. 14, having already worked at the library since May 2019.

“I’ve been coming here (Rabun County Library) as a patron since 2007,” Frick said about being a devoted supporter since her move from Savannah, Ga.

Frick holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s degree in library media technology from Georgia State University.

“I will be working toward my master’s degree in library science,” Frick said about furthering her education while in her position.

Frick said that she has experience working as a registrar for Lanier Technical College, as a media specialist in elementary, middle and high school libraries around the state and as a library manager at North Georgia Technical College in Clarkesville.

She said she is looking forward to working with the “good team” that is already in place at the library.

“While it’s a little scary, I am also excited and know the library is in good hands with the employees, patrons, Board of Trustees, Northeast Georgia Regional Library System and Board of Commissioners,” Frick said.

Being able to foster growth from the current foundation of the library is one reason Frick said she was drawn to the position.

“I love Rabun County and I want to do my best to make sure the library stays relevant as we move forward,” Frick said.

She said that keeping the momentum going for all of their programs is important also.

Frick already has goals in mind of how she wants to help advance the library for the community.

 “We want to make it a welcoming, inviting place for every member of our community,” Frick said.

This includes having faster checkouts for patrons, more seating and quiet study areas for people who want to stay and browse and working with community organizations to expand the library’s outreach.

 Frick expressed immense gratitude to Kim Cannon, interim librarian, for guiding her through the transition process.  

“She has done a fantastic job of running the library and teaching me a lot about what I would like to do or what I want to do when I run the library. We are all so grateful to her for keeping us sane and keeping it a great place for the patrons while we were between managers,” Frick said.

Frick said that the library’s interesting history makes it a treasure for the county.  

“We just know what a valued resource this is for the county and we will do everything we can to grow it and protect it,” Frick said.