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We are sharing this information to let you know how we are handling this crisis.

We’re putting the safety of our team and community as the top priority, while continuing with our mission of serving Rabun County. Community journalism has never been more vital. We greatly appreciate your readership and our advertising partners.

The Clayton Tribune is open for business. However, we closed our lobby to the public on March 23. We will continue to restrict access to the inside of our building to essential personnel only for as long as necessary. We have a drop box at the newspaper rack outside our front door for dropping off payments during business hours, or information any time. You can continue to reach us by:

Phone: 706-782-3312

Fax: 706-782-4230

Email: or

We continue to distribute The Clayton Tribune through the mail and in newspaper racks each week. We are working with store owners and our delivery drivers to make sure we have in place every possible safety precaution in keeping with the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control.

All of our COVID-19 news coverage is available to read for free at Our policy is that any stories concerning the public’s health and well-being will not be restricted behind a paywall.

Our sales team has been working from home since March 23.

On Friday, April 3, a member of our team who had been working from home for three weeks, worked in our office for about an hour. This team member had been diagnosed with bronchitis March 15. Last Thursday night, the associate had problems breathing, so they went to the emergency room, where a test for COVID-19 was administered.

On Saturday, April 4, the associate contacted us to let us know they had tested positive. Immediately following the call, in the utmost of caution, Publisher Wayne Knuckles contacted everyone on our team to share this information, ask them to self-quarantine, let them know the front office would continue to be closed for a 14-day period and to seek medical advice from a medical professional.

At this time, the staff of The Clayton Tribune is self-isolating and working from home.

Publisher Wayne Knuckles is working from the office due to the need to operate the production equipment necessary to publish the newspaper. He travels only from home to work and back, is only in public for the short walk from his car to the front door of the newspaper, wears a mask at all times when he is outside, which is limited to that brief period of time of coming and going to his car, sanitizes all doors and equipment several times a day and has washed his hands so often they are turning red.

He is not visiting any local stores, or buying gas for the 14-day self-quarantine period.

With safety as the top priority for our staff and community, we will continue to serve Rabun County.

In keeping with our mission, we wanted you to know the facts.

Together, we will get through this.